1st FEED-SEG Symposium in Hungary

The symposium "Plant-derived feed additives" (14th to 15th of January 2008) will be a platfrom for researchers, sample buy scientists, shop decision-makers and policy-makers to exchange their know-how and to develop future strategies for common research projects and policy recommendations. This symposium will be free of charge.

The symposium will offer you:
  • an opportunity to meet researchers and experts in various fields related to feed quality and safety and to talk about the results and potential future research projects.
  • during a co-operation and brokerage event, an opportunity to present your own expertise and idea and to meet different other experts based on a pre-defined timetable.
  • presentations on the state-of-the-art in science and future research needs in the following fields: Feed Labeling & Traceability; Feed Additives; Food Quality & Food related public health.
  • presentations on the current status of regulatory affairs in the area of feed safety.
  • an overview on the main funding possibilities for research in 2008.
Please, register via www.matchmaking.at/feedseg

Download: Flyer / Programme

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