BSEC Science & Technology WG

Romania is the Country-Coordinator for the WG on Science and Technology for the term May 2006 - April 2008.

The main goal of the BSEC in this field is to put knowledge to the forefront of its activities by taking advantage of the latest achievements in science and technology. Special programs should be developed by the BSEC Working Group on Cooperation in Science and Technology with the aim of surveying on-going research, tadalafil and identifying promising areas related to the real needs of the Member States. Innovation activity should become another priority in the strategy of further development of the BSEC.

All this confirms a need to cooperate more closely in identifying new forms and directions of regional scientific and technological collaboration, in exchanging through the BSEC format information and experience, sharing best practices and undertaking joint projects of common interest to all member states. The development of multilateral cooperation among the academic communities should also be aimed at applying the achievements of world science and technology to the priority fields of economic collaboration. In this respect, due attention should be given to the establishment of the BSEC International Center on Innovation Technologies to play a leading role in promoting innovative research and development technology.

New measures are also needed for the support of basic research, such as the creation of a Special Fund for financing the most promising regional projects; strengthening coordination and cooperation in this field and launching collaboration between the relevant BSEC and EU bodies.

In this respect, attention should be concentrated on creating the conditions for effective interaction of the national innovation systems of the BSEC Member States, understanding national innovation systems as systems of interactive organizations for creating, storing and transferring knowledge, professional skills and experience required to develop new  technologies. 

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