Lista Proiectelor NATO SPS in Republica Moldova

  1. SfP: 983287 Landslide Risk Assessment in the Republic of Moldova (eng) -
  2. Sfp 981186 Clean-up of Chemicals in Moldova  (eng) 
  3. CLG 982852 Mitigation of water stress in agricultural soils by bio-indicators (rom), order (eng) ?i (foto)
  4. CLG 980441  Impact of Bacterial Exopolysaccharides on Environmental Security (rom), ed (eng) ?i (foto)
  5. SfP: 980468 Harmonization of the seismic hazards and decreasing the risk in the countries under the influences of Vrancea earthquakes (eng)
  6. CLG 981619 Quantification of Earthquake Action on Structures
  7. CLG 980670 Chemical composition and electronic structure of In2O3 films surface: interrelation with gas response
  8. CLG 979245 Complimentarily of the Photo-and Biodegradation Processes for Pollutants Removal from the Aquatic Compartments


  1. NIG960520 - Academy of Science of Moldova Networking Project (AMNET), (1996-1997).  
  2. NIG972759 - AMNET-Development of the Sciences and Educational Network in Moldova, (1998-1999).
  3. NIG975476 - The Informational Corporate Network of the “Politehnica” Community, (1998-2000). 
  4. NIG977228 - RENAM Network-Second Stage, (2000-2003). 
  5. NIG978385 - RENAM-RoEduNet networks direct link and gateway construction, (2001-2003). 
  6. NIG979922 - Providing satellite Internet Access for RENAM Network Academic Community, (2003-2004). 
  7. NIG980321 - RENAM 5Ghz – band wireless Network Construction, (2004-2005). 
  8. NIG982338 - Creation of Infrastructure for CERTs in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and their Initial Operation, (2006-2008). 
  9. NIG982517 - Silk NetAcad Alliance, (2006-2008) 
  10. NIG982702 - New RENAM-RoEduNet gateway based on CWDM technologies implementation, (2009 - 2010).
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