Short Visits to the UK

The Royal Society's objectives include strengthening of UK science by providing support to excellent individuals to engage with the best science around the world as well as supporting science communication.

The short visit scheme aims to supports new and on-going international collaborations by providing grants to support UK scientist hosting a visiting overseas scientists. The objectives of this scheme are to initiate one to one collaborations, vcialis 40mg explore opportunities to build lasting networks and gain access to complementary equipment, data, observations and ideas.

This scheme is open for scientists who are working at postdoctoral level or above in the UK. Research must be on a subject within the natural sciences (Physical or biological). You must refer to the scheme notes for the full eligibility requirements.

Before completing the application form all applicants must read the scheme notes and check that they comply with the eligibility requirements. These requirements are strictly adhered to and any applicant who does not meet them will be excluded from the competition.

Applications can only be submitted using our electronic Grant Application and Processing system e-GAP.

Closing dates
Closing dates in 2007 will be 21 February, 21 May, 21 August and 21 November.

Results are normally within 8-10 weeks of the closing date.

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