The Royal Society Joint Project Programme

The Royal Society Joint Project programme is designed to enable international collaboration by providing a mobility grant for researchers to cover travel, rx subsistence and research expenses.

The collaboration should be based on a single project including two teams or individuals: one based in the UK and the other based outside the UK. A relationship between both parties should already be established prior to making an application. The collaboration should involve bilateral visits between the UK and the country with which the overseas collaborator is based.

Subjects covered: All sciences, ie the disciplines in which the Society will elect researchers to the Fellowship of the Royal Society.

Countries covered: Currently Joint Projects are available to those in European and Former Soviet Union countries, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and certain countries in Latin America. Please check appendix 3 of the scheme notes below for restrictions on the application deadlines for specific countries.


  • Joint Projects are intended for UK and overseas scientists of proven research ability. The Project Leaders must be of at least postdoctoral status or equivalent.
  • UK collaborators should be resident within the UK. The UK applicant must hold a permanent or fixed term contract in an eligible organisation which, if it is the latter, continues at least for the duration of the project.
  • Applications will only be considered for bilateral (not multi-lateral) projects.
  • Project teams must be from academia and not industry.

Duration of the Joint Project grant: The Joint Project scheme runs for two years.

Host institutions: UK Project Leaders can be based at any UK research institute. Scientists working in governmental research institutes are not excluded from acting as Project Leaders but they should explain, in a separate email, why their parent institute is not funding the visit.

Value of award: The Joint Project grant provides a maximum of £6000 per year. This may be used to claim the costs of travel and subsistence. Within the £6000 cap, the UK Leader may request up to £1000 maximum for research expenses (excluding computer hardware).

Closing dates: Countries for which direct applications are accepted: 13 March, 13 June, 13 September and 13 December in 2007.

Awards will be announced 12 weeks after the closing date or after the partner has confirmed acceptance of nominations (where a partner organisation is used).

Joint partners: It is the responsibility of the UK scientist to submit all applications. Applications received directly from overseas scientists will not be accepted.

Before completing the application form all applicants should check that they comply with the eligibility requirements outlined in the Scheme Notes. These requirements are strictly adhered to and any applicant who does not meet them will be excluded from the competition.

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