The Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship Programme

Applications are invited from nationals of non-OECD countries (including Moldova) for a number of Post-doctoral Fellowships in the Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship (GLF) Programme. The Fellows will work on development and the role of the developing country in the global political economy. Up to six fellowships will be awarded in each of the next five years, and beginning in September 2008. The fellowships will be for two years each, impotent with the first year spent at the University of Oxford and the second year at Princeton. The programme intends to establish a network of leading scholar-practitioners in global governance.

Selection criteria:

  • Substantial experience of working in a non-OECD country.
  • A completed doctorate (or evidence of imminent completion) in a subject relevant to global development and the role of developing countries in the world political economy;
  • Evidence of outstanding prior academic accomplishment and of plans to develop a career in keeping with the purposes of the GLF programme;
  • Evidence of outstanding analytical and research skills;
  • Evidence of a clearly articulated research project which contributes broadly to our understanding of how policymakers and institutions in developing countries can develop more effective strategies – particularly in global politics - for dealing with the effects of globalisation in ways which benefit their populations.

Deadline: 12:00 noon on Monday 26th November 2007 (UK time)


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